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Four Oshawa Kicks Alumni Sign with Universities

By Maxwell Maddix, 03/15/23, 2:00PM EDT


March 15, 2023 - Oshawa, ON.  The Oshawa Kicks Soccer Club is proud to share the news that four players from our 2005 Girls team have made commitments to continue their soccer careers in University. We would like to recognize the following players for this amazing accomplishment.  

  • Kiana Parker-King 
  • Aliya Sweeney 
  • Courtney Poelman 
  • Hayden Hanley 

Please see below to hear a brief scouting report for each player from OKSC Head Coach Geneva Winterink.  

Kiana Parker-King – Ontario Tech University 

Kiana has a unique combination of speed, agility, and quickness that allows her to effortlessly blaze past defenders and create scoring opportunities. Her speed is not just limited to straight-line running, but she is also able to change direction quickly and make sharp turns with the ball. This makes her one of the most difficult players to defend against, as she can make moves that most other players can't. Her speed is just one aspect of her game. She is also a very gritty player who is not afraid to battle for the ball down the line or in front of the net. This willingness to compete is what sets her apart from other skilled players in the league. Off the field, Kiana is a silent leader who is known for her work ethic and commitment. She sets a great example for her teammates with her dedication to training and her commitment to improving her game. She also leads by example with her positive attitude and her willingness to put the team's needs ahead of her own personal success. 

Aliya Sweeney – Ontario Tech University 

Aliya is widely regarded as one of the top players in the league, and her exceptional foot skills and agility are a major reason for her success. She is known for her incredible dribbling ability, which allows her to weave in and out of defenders and create scoring opportunities for herself and her teammates. Her quick feet and ability to change direction with ease make her a difficult player to defend against. In addition to her foot skills and agility, Aliya is known for her work ethic. She is a tireless worker both on and off the field, and she is constantly striving to improve her game. Her work ethic is also evident in her style of play. She is a player who is constantly on the move, always looking for ways to create space and opportunities for herself and her teammates. She is a dedicated and loyal teammate. Aliya is also known for her humility and her great sense of humor, making practices more enjoyable for her coaches and teammates.  

Courtney Poelman – Nipissing University 

Courtney is responsible for leading by example and motivating her teammates to perform at their best. Despite always being one of the most talented players on the field, Courtney always remains humble. She is always one of the first to arrive at training sessions and the last to leave, working tirelessly to improve her skills and help her team succeed. She is always seeking to improve her game and learn from her mistakes, constantly pushing herself and her teammates to become better players. It is great to see her hard work and determination pay off, as she is widely regarded as one of the most skilled and versatile players in the league. She plays with composure and poise. She is an excellent decision maker, and her knowledge of the game allows her to play any position on the field (including back-up goalie). Off the field, she is a true ambassador for the sport, exhibiting sportsmanship and professionalism at all times. She is respected by her coaches, opponents and referees, who appreciate not only her skills but how she carries herself. 

Hayden Hanley – Nipissing University 

Hayden’s passion for the game is evident in the way she plays. She is a fierce competitor who is always striving to improve her game, and she is known for her intensity and focus on the field. She is a leader both on and off the pitch, and she inspires his teammates with her dedication and commitment to the game. She has been playing since she was a young child, and she has always had a deep appreciation for the sport. She is a student of the game, and she is constantly studying her opponents in order to gain an advantage. As a keeper, she works extremely hard at mastering her foot skills. She has excellent range when it comes to sending a ball forward and her strength continues to develop. Her foot skills are not limited to simply playing the ball out of her hands or kicking it down the field. She is equally comfortable passing the ball short or long, and her accuracy and vision are excellent. She is a dedicated student and athlete who does an excellent job maintaining a healthy balance.  

Please join us in wishing them all the best of luck as they move into a new and exciting stage of their careers!