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Festival Weekend

U9-U12 - May 4th & 5th

Participating Clubs

Tournament Weekend

U13-U21 - May 10th to 12th

Past Champions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What days does my team play?
U9 & U10 - Saturday, May 4th
U11 & U12 - Sunday, May 5th
U13+ - Friday May 10th to Sunday May 12th
Q: What is the approximate start time each day?
A: All weekend dates will have an earliest start time of 8:00 am. 
Q: When will schedules be released?
Festival Schedules - April 29th
Tournament Schedules - May 6th
Q: My team is travelling from 1+ hours away to attend the tournament weekend. Will we have games on Friday?

A: No, games on Friday for the tournament weekend will be reserved for the more local teams within an hours travel distance. 

Q: Are the fields indoors or outdoors? Grass or Turf?

A: All games will be played outdoors. All games will be on grass unless scheduled on the following turf fields:

Oshawa Civic 1
Oshawa Civic 5
Vaso's Field

Event Assistance & Questions

For any issues, questions or concerns relating to tournament or festival registration, payment, documents etc. please contact

Mykhal Wright

Mykhal Wright

1401 Phillip Murray Ave.

Phone: 905-429-2424